Huion- KAMVAS GT-221 Pro and ZBrush

Hi Community,

I thought i might start a new thread about my experience with the Kamvas GT-221 Pro and ZBrush.

I’ve had the Pen Display Monitor for over a week and I can honestly say I was very impressed from the start. I ordered mine from Amazon (USA) and it took to weeks too arrive (New Zealand). The monitor was triple boxed with two Masonite boards and hard polystyrene protecting it from both side and surrounds!

When unboxing it came with the mounts (screwdriver for screws) and a well presented pen case with a spare pen. Plus a artist glove and all necessary cables.

Before plugging in, I uninstalled all Wacom products (Bamboo) as I read that the drivers interfere with each other. Downloaded the latest driver from the Huion website, and up and running!

My custom ZBrush interface was almost correct from the start, I just needed to adjust the UI button sizes. The double tap function works perfectly (I’m sure they updated the driver) and the side buttons are easily customized.

The only con I have come across is that… My right hand sometimes touches the buttons on the right side!

I hope this helps anyone looking into getting a Huion Kamvas Pro.


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Hello it’s great to hear that it worked I just got Zbrush Core & I’m using the Huion GT 221 Pro & I was wanting to know if it was going to work well… please advise, did your pen work with the app fine etc. Thanks in Advance

Hi qbulla,

I had to calibrate the pen when the tablet first arrived! I’m using Zbrush (not Core) but that shouldn’t be a problem. I also charged the spare pen overnight, so I knew it was fully charged!

The table and pen are still going great!


Hello Thanks for the feedback, I just got the ZBRUSH full version the other day. I had CORE and I got Sculptris…also…to find that Its in ZBRUSH now…lol. Happy ZBRUSHing
Are You Posting Any of your Sculpts on ARTSTATION?

sorry for necromancing this thread but i have the same tablet but my pen pressure isn’t working. Anyone else have this problem? I have Wintab drivers installed.

I saw your message today, while I was at work. Tested on my tablet and the pen pressure seems to be working fine my side. I did notice there was an update a while back for the tablet itself. I’m on Version Number: v 14.5.0 but I see that there is another v14.7.6…

Hope this helps.

Hey guys, I have a Huion GT 191. It seems fine pressure-wise but when I’m trying to use it to sculpt, it acts as if I have it in Zsub mode when it’s in Zadd mode and vis versa. When I switch to use a mouse, the brushes respond correctly though.

IN painting programs the tablet works but in ZBrush the brush settings seem revered…anyone else have this issue?