Hugh Jackman/Wolverine/x-24 3D Model

I’ve always wanted to make this since i saw logan.Fun fact i just realised that x-24 isn’t actually identical to logan as his nose is a bit larger.I decided to go with his ‘‘real nose’’ on my sculpt ;p Also i may revisit some hair in the future as i think it’s a little too short.Modelled in Blender,texturing Zbrush,Photoshop,hair with Xgen,rendered in Arnold.
UPDATE:I added some density to the hair so it seems a little thicker,reduced the displacement a little,repainted the albedo and fixed the lower beard hairline.Lastly i’ll be adding some peachfuzz and chest hair but for the time being it’s pretty much done;)


wow,nice work~!

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hey,thank you!!

Pretty insane how realistic that is, keep up the great work.

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Really appreciated man! :wink: