Hi everyone. Here is my latest personal work.
I made this in ZBrush and rendered with BPR and the final compositing is in Photoshop.
Critiques and comments are sincerely welcome.
Hope you like it.



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Hi, Shige san.
BPR render in ZBrush looks interesting. I like ape style creature.

pretty interesting !! liked it…
can u share the zbrush screengrab showing the polypaint on this one …

good job, how’d you do the saliva and the breath?

That is pretty amazing , really like the model an presentation…oh and happy new year!

This last work is really nice, very cool light, render and compo, congrat. :+1:

really nice work an render:)

Thanks for all the kind words. And happy new year

@padgo I painted the saliva and the breath with photoshop.

here is polypaint

This beast turned out awesome!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:)

great model and lights! is amazing what it can do with the BPR…and such talent! how many time did you spend to known how it works BPR zbrush? i mean, you did a great compo, with backlights and these skin monster shader… is there any tutorial to learn how it works BPR render to get realistic result like yours (or something with that level of course, not the same thing)?

Nice work, i like the way the skin is streched from chest to the arm! nice polypaint too!

sculpt looks great! nice render too :+1:

oh my :+1:

Awesome sculpt, but I’m even more impressed that all the rendering was BPR! Love the neck anatomy on the back view… all that mass gives the impression that this guy could seriously mess you up, and those skin folds coming across the chest are pretty awesome too.

really nice work!

good job!

Very nice! Did you attend the Concept Sculpting and Maquettes workshop by Bryan Wynia? Very inspirational.

Very nice work.

Looking great man!

Good job…Very nice…