How to set color values in DefaultZscript?

I am new at scripting. I`ve been trying to assign black color (as a startup) to Draw: Grid color, but neither Iset nor IColorSet expressions work. Could you, please, help me out with the right expression to do that
Thank you)

I did some to set the background color, link to thread below this post.

Thank you, Doug!
After a few trials and errors I realized that color value in this case mist be a single number - 0, instead of 0,0,0 ,as I used to try.

[ISet,Draw:Grid Color,0]

Yes, it’s a single value. For black this will be 0. But it’s not combined RGB but combined RGB/65536. So for specific RGB values you might use code like this:

[VarDiv,gCol,65536]//divide by 65536
[ISet,Draw:Grid Color,gCol]

Also, as I’m sure you know but for the benefit of anyone else reading this, you need to set the RGB FRame slider to 0 to see the grid color:

[ISet,Draw:RGB Frame,0]

And also, a good way to find out what’s happening for specific interface items is to record a zscript of the actions you want and then look at the resulting text file.


Thank you, Marcus)

That is very useful information for my possible future zbrush customization!