How to scale by an exact number

This is probably something really easy to fix that I just haven’t figured out how to do yet somehow but… I have this issue I hope you guys can help me with:

I’m working with a subtool that will be really big. I need to scale down a sphere from its current size, to 81,25% of its size (Which inside Zbrush would be to take the gizmo and scale it down to 0.8125 ).
That is where my problem begins, there is no way I could just click and drag with the mouse and get down to such precise number. Is there any way to just right away input that number? Maybe some other way I haven’t thought of? (that isn’t literally exporting to a different 3D Program, scaling it, and importing it again hahaha)

(Usually this doesn’t affect me, but because the object will be so big, just a 0.001 difference in the number will do a big difference in the final size :confused: )

Thanks for your time!


there is a specific ‘scale’ function in the Polymesh deformation tool


The Size slider changes the shape of this tool by stretching or condensing it along the selected axis or axes.
A value of 100 in this slider expands the object to twice its size; a value of -100 shrinks it to zero.
Select one or more axes for this action by clicking the small X, Y and Z modifers to turn them on (light) or off (dark).

BTW: You can insert also numbers to this kind of sliders :wink:
In your case you should insert -18,75.

CU and have a great day.


Thanks HarryBee!

To use numerical values in the Deformation sliders, just click on the slider and you will get a red box, at which point you can enter a numerical value, then hit Enter.

2020-10-21 09_43_37-ZBrush


You’ve got your answer but I thought I’d just add that there is a plugin on the Pixologic site called QuickScaler that scales by %, or in mm or inch. Very handy for quickly scaling and you can enter a precise value as well of course.

Also with Gizmo scaling, the more you zoom into your model the smaller the scaling increments. So if you want to hit a precise scaling value then zoom in a lot so that each tiny motion of the pen equates to a small change in the scaling value.


Thanks everyone for your answers!

Funnily enough, only the last one worked, using the gizmo.
Thanks Tobor8man! I had to literally max out Zbrush’s zoom, but it did work hahahaha

Apparently the problem with using the size deformation is that it does it with the center of the scene instead of where the gizmo is situated or the volume center of the subtool.
So if your subtool is in any other position than 0,0,0 it will change the position of the subtool (wich wouldn’t work for me here either).

Thanks again!

@Cless_Aurion Actually lookup S.Pivot and C.Pivot in the Transform palette . These commands will set a subtool to the World center and then clear that setting and return the tool to it’s orginal location. See AskZbrush S.Pivot

So you could S.Pivot, rescale by any of the methods shown here, then C.Pivot to return to the orginal location.

Zbrush is an awesome tool! Have fun :slight_smile:

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Oh man, how didn’t I see that!? I literally went through the whole menu!

Super useful, not for just this issue, but others too. Thanks Tobor8man, really appreciate it!