How to repeat a Macro without release CTRL/ALT/SHIFT keys ??

I made a simple Macro to grow a Mask and Sharpen it twice.

I assigned to that a shortcut, CTRL + X

//ZBRUSH MACRO - Recorded in ZBrush version 4.73
[IButton,???,"Press to run this macro. Macros can be aborted by pressing the ëescí key.",





It’s working the 1st time i press X, without release the CTRL from masking. But the second time i press X, it’s toggle symmetry, like if i had release it.

How can i make a macro that keeps the reading of a modifier key pressed.

My goal is been able to press CTRL make a mask, while keep CTRL pressed, press X to grow it or S to shrink and still paint the mask.

Or something like that, it’s annoying press CTRL + X and need release CTRL to press again.

There’s a restriction with hotkeys assigned to macros (or plugin buttons) that if you use Ctrl, Shift or Alt in the combination you have to let them up with each keypress. There would be no problem with you using a single hotkey though.

Marcus, thx for the explanation. Didn’t know that.

I avoid place the macro in a single key to match the ALT+SHIFT S/X to grow and shrink selection.

But it’s ok, kind I got used to press CTRL +X every time. haha

Thx man for your time.