How to open a specific folder/path in LightBox?

Is there a field where I could put the path to a specific folder ? It tried “Go” and “Go to folder” , nothing works.

Too bad Zbrush just can’t write thumbnails to its files so I could use Explorer

In Preferences>Lightbox you can turn on AutoCreateShortcuts. This will automatically add a shortcut to a folder when you first navigate to it, so that you can quickly open it another time.

If you mean can you script it then you can’t - Lightbox can’t be controlled with zscript.

The problem is I don;t know how to first navigate to a folder. Hoped just to copy/paste the path somewhere

You use the folder with the upwards arrow at the top left of Lightbox. If you click on the folder to highlight it, the path will appear at the bottom of Lightbox. Double-clicking the folder or selecting it and clicking “Go to folder” will move up the hard drive hierarchy. So for example, if you click the Project tab and then double-click the folder with the arrow you will be in the main ZBrush 4R8 folder.

If there’s a folder which you use often, or on another drive, then you can create a shortcut like this:

  1. Open Windows Explorer by pressing the Windows key+ E
  2. Navigate to the folder you want.
  3. Right+click on the folder and choose Create shortcut. The shortcut file will be created in the same location as the folder.
  4. Select the shortcut file, right+click and select Cut.
  5. Navigate to the ZBrush 4R8 folder and choose one of the Lightbox folders such as ZProjects.
  6. Open the folder, right+click and choose Paste.

The shortcut file will now appear as a folder icon in Lightbox under the Project tab.

Thanks Marcus