How To Do This?

How To Create a Low Res Mesh from a High Res Mesh with Subtools?
Problem explained in the short video:
Link to YouTube

Thanks for any little help, appreciate it!

OK, I watched you video. You need to Project the hires details of the bag back to your low res mesh, subdivide, and project again etc. until you have the detail you want. This is a pretty standard workflow. There are many ways to do this. Here’s a couple from Zbrush Master Michel Pavlovich (search his YT whenever you need to know how to do stuff).

History Project

Cleanup, ZRemesh and Project

Also, seems like you posted this question a few hours after your question about not being able to ZRemesh the bag. But the bag in the video is clearly ZRemeshed. So did you solve your earlier problem? If so then please edit it to let people know it’s resolved.