How to do incremental saves?

Hello all I have been searching for the last few hours and I can not figure how to make incremental saves. I just want to have a button that just adds increments to the end of the file name. ex. “filename”_01 then on next save “filename”_02. Will I have to save the file name as a variable then add the numbers on the end? If so how do I do that? Thank you for your time!

I’m afraid you’ll have to use ZScript. It can be done.
There could be a built in function(but isn’t other than by QuickSaves) like I’ve seen before in some dialog boxes…

@Doug Jones sorry I should of been more clear I trying to figure out how to script that function in zscript. I have been messing around with the saves in zscript and can not seem to figure out how to script the incremental part.

i think this still works

You could use [FileNameAdvance] to increment the filename:

[IPress,File:Save As]
[VarSet,fileName,[FileNameAdvance,#fileName,3]]//file name created for next save - “MyProject001.zpr”

One thing you need to remember is that as only one plugin/zscript can be active at a time variable values are lost if you use a different plugin. So you’d need to think of how you can make sure the fileName isn’t lost between your saves. One way would be to use [VarSave] and [VarLoad] to save the variable to disk. Or you could write the file path to a memory block.

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