How to add an alpha image on top of the texture image and apply it to the UV map

Sorry if this is actually really simple or has been asked before, but I looked everywhere and couldn’t find anything about it. I imported some characters from Daz3D to ZBrush and I’ve been having some problems with the hair, the eyebrows and the eyelashes.

In Daz3D they use a basic color or a diffuse color image and add an alpha image on top of it to change the opacity. (So that the hair looks like hair and not like a sheet of paper with hair texture).

I was trying to use these alpha images the same way in ZBrush but I couldn’t find any way of doing so.

So far what I found I could do is use “Mask by alpha” inverting the mask and then using “Hide unmasked”, but I would need like 3,000,000 polys eyelashes for that to work and look good.

Or I could edit the image outside of Zbrush to add the alpha on top of the texture/color and then using that as a texture and activate “Transparent texture”. But I don’t want to do that if there is an easier way, maybe?

So, is there a way to simply add the alpha image on top of the texture so that it adds transparency to the texture?

Hi @bysc, and welcome on ZBC.
I would recommend to edit the texture using the alpha and add pure black on the texture, then load the texture on your subtool, then set a value for the transparency (1 should be fine)

hope it help