How to achieve a good results with polypaint the face?

Using some tutorials from YouTube, I can manage the polypaint. But the results are not so fine.
How do achieve a really good results painting the skin?
Using now: color spray. Yellow to the forehead, red to the midlle and bluish blue to the botton…mixing all with color spray…but no good results.
Help please.

First, make sure you understand the way Polypaint works.

The quality of the polypaint you will get is dependent on the resolution of the mesh (how many polygons) as well as the topology of the mesh ( the shape and flow of the polygons on the surface of the mesh). If your polycount is too low, your detail will be coarse, and if the topology is suboptimal, some polygons may be irregularly shaped which will translate to the polypaint detail. The best type of topology for painting or doing most things in Zbrush is going to be evenly distributed quads, as close to square-shaped as possible. ZBrush has a number of tools like ZRemesher, that will allow you to quickly retopologize a mesh into a form suitable for good polypaint.

As far as technique, there are many tutorials available. Painting with a pressure sensitive tablet will give the best results. Check in the stroke menu for the things that can be adjusted for a particular stroke type. For the color spray brush you might want to consider turning the Color intensity Variance down in order to keep the brush from introducing new colors to your mix, as well as turning the Flow and RGB intensity way down for softer, more subtle applications that allow you finer control.

Thanks. Seems to me a LOT complicated for my level…most of the especifications you mention I had not yet discoeverd where are they in tyhe interface.
I’ll absorv the simple on that text of yours.
Thanks a lot

When learning Zbrush, it’s important to understand the fundamental concepts involved first, and build on that. It makes it much easier to grasp what is going on.

Be sure to read the Basic Concepts section of the ZBrush documentation, and then read each section for the feature you are interested in learning.

Also check out the Pixologic Classroom, and the Ask ZBrush video series.

Yes. Thanks will do.