How long does it take you to make stuff? (and a couple other questions)

Hi, I’m new to the forum but not new to Zbrush or sculpting/modeling.

If you guys and gals would be so kind to clarify me on average how long does it take you to sculpt, texture and render let’s say a full character or whatever example you can give me.

Whatever your pipeline is; modeling in a maya/3ds max (or else) > sculpting in zbrush > texturing in photoshop or just doing it all inside of zbrush
I know it varies with complexity so examples of your awesome work would be appreciated.

I know a head sketch could take from anywhere to 30 minutes to 3 hours at least for me. and I’ve worked on characters that took a month to finish. but I believe I’m pretty slow so I’d like to see how everyone else does.

Also if you’re working on building your portfolio, how much time do you put on it a day, how much time can you put on it and if you have a job or go to school.

I’d really like to hear from both experienced and not so experienced users if I may, I’d really appreciate hearing from you.
Thank you very much in advanced. <3

That’s probably not unusual.