How do you export high res normal maps in z brush core

i have made a high res model and wish to make normal maps for use on a low res model , can someone let me know how i do this

Hi @Tim,

ZBrush Core does not support texture creation. You would need to upgrade to the full version of ZBrush.

An article explaining this as well as a link to a feature chart for ZBrush Core can be found here:

Thank you!

hi @Tim_Treado and welcome to ZBC !

so you can’t to bake directly in Zbrush for a normal map, but nothing stop you from export to OBj file and to bake the normal map using a different software as Xnormal, substance painter, marmoset etc…

Hope it helps!

i never said i was using core , i mhave the full use licence

let me clear this up a bit ,
i make characters for use with daz studios genesis 3 and 8 figures male and female .
i have made custom textures using several different programs to generate unique base maps for the shins.
i want to be able to load the custom base skin maps on the high res sculpt to further improve them with polypaint by using the masking tools to shade the depressions and highlight the raised areas .

think ridgey headed aliens .

this will in theory allow me to add highlights and shadows to the textures .

those textures will then be enhance by the normal maps , (the high res detail sculpt turned into normal maps ) i make for the lower polly daz figure , adding ( i hope ) further detail to the figure once rendered .
i just canot figure out how to load the genesis textures to the genesis 3 object i impore as a tool to sculpt the higher res detail on in z brush

any help walking me through the process will help me out tons

You have posted this in the ZBrush Core forum. I will move this for you to the correct forum for you.

The procedure for creating textures in ZBrush is found here:


The process for creating Normal Maps specifically can be seen in this video:

Thank you!