How do I move multiple edges?

How would I move multiple edges at once in zmodeler? I’m trying to create a wedge shape. I’ve tried using masks but I can’t mask an edge so I/m not sure.

Hello @Luulaalaa_A ,

Technically speaking ZBrush only ever masks points. An edge would be comprised of two points.

You actually can mask edges, and masking is one of the basic ways in ZBrush to isolate points for an operation. Remember that inverting a mask is as simple as Ctrl-clicking in empty canvas space. Often it is easier to simply mask the target area, then invert the selection so that those are the only points that are unmasked.

  1. ZModeler> Edge > Mask > can be set to mask either edge by edge or by several loop options.
  2. ZModeler> Edge> Transpose works in similar fashion, except it leaves everything but the target unmasked and automatically enters transpose mode.
  3. When working with low poly geometry, it is usually fairly simple to use the Mask Lasso brush to manually lasso the points you want to isolate with the right camera angle.
  4. For especially complicated edge selections that can’t be selected with a loop setting, it is sometimes useful to crease the target edges, which can then be converted to masking with Tool> Masking> Mask by Feature> [Crease option]. The ZModeler Point> Crease> Shortest Path option very quickly draws a crease along the shortest path between two points. So you can quickly cover large distances or go edge to edge in more complicated areas.

Good luck ! :slight_smile:

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