How do i make a file size smaller?

My model is about 196 MB how could i bring that down to post on SketchFab?

To 50 or 100 MB?

ZRemesher(in geometry) or Decimation Master(under ZPlugins)

Will these keep all the detail i put in so far?


Hello @Solidegg

It depends on your output goals, and the type of model.

Decimation Master will generally keep most of your detail, but will produce topology that may be unsuitable for some purposes. It’s ideal for a 3D print workflow.

ZRemesher will reduce your polycount and your detail, but detail from the original mesh can be projected back onto it when subdivided:


It is often used to create new base level topology for export, posing, UV unwrap and texture creation, for the purpose of digital render. It would probably require an applied displacement or normal map to display fine detail.

This video may be helpful: