How do I disable "Dynamic" under the draw size?

Just looking for the code that addresses “Dynamic” under the Draw Size slider.

You can turn it off using:

[IModSet,Draw:Draw Size,0]

To turn it off for the Smooth brush (whichever is set with Shift pressed) you would use:

[IKeyPress,SHIFT,[IModSet,Draw:Draw Size,0]]

I’ve written a small plugin for turning Dynamic off for all brushes - it’s in this thread: http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?208308-Useful-small-ZScripts-and-Macros-for-ZBrush-4R8


That is literally what I was planning on making, thanks marcus_civis!


the code following IKeyPress does not seem to work for me. i tried with SHIFT as you demonstrated and with CTRL to disable dynamic brush size for smooth and masking brushes and while the brush size then initially appears correct when the modifier key is pressed down, it drops back to dynamic as soon as the brush is actually being moved.

anything you did differently for these two in your plugin (which works correctly)?

Yes, that’s what I use. Though there’s some extra code because the plugin goes through all the brushes:

[IKeyPress,SHIFT,[IModSet,Draw:Draw Size,md]]

The first line selects the brush which has the name stored in the variable “fName”, in this case one of the Smooth brushes. The IKeyPress, ‘1’ dispells the pop-up message that appears if you select a Smooth brush without holding down SHIFT. Basically this first line changes the brush that is selected when SHIFT is held down, and then the next line changes the Dynamic setting. But if all you want to do is change the Dynamic setting for the selected Smooth brush you don’t need that first line.

What you describe is very strange. Are you on Windows or MacOSX?

hey, i’m on windows, running P2.

my code looks like this and is intended to just disable the setting for my most commonly used brushes via a startup script -

[IKeyPress,SHIFT,[IModSet,Draw:Draw Size,0]]
[IKeyPress,CTRL,[IModSet,Draw:Draw Size,0]]
[IModSet,Draw:Draw Size,0]
[IModSet,Draw:Draw Size,0]

i can confirm that the behaviour remains consistent for me across sessions and that the dynamic brush size does indeed get disabled for move and standard brushes but as mentioned previously: not for the current mask and smooth brush.

could this be an issue with the script being executed during startup with no tool on the canvas?

Yes, it’s quite likely because of limitations at startup (though I’ve not tested). But there’s a simpler solution in your case: you can save the brushes with the Dynamic mode off:

  1. The brush files are in the ZBrush 4R8\ZData\BrushPresets folder. Make sure you back up this folder to a safe location so you can restore the brushes if necessary.
  2. Start ZBrush and put a model in Edit mode.
  3. For the Smooth brush, hold Shift, set Dynamic mode off and then - still holding Shift - press the Brush>Save As button. Navigate to the ZBrush 4R8\ZData\BrushPresets folder and then save the brush. Make sure you overwrite the brush file called Smooth.ZBP. Don’t simply save as ZBrush automatically adds a number to the brush name in the Save As dialog (such as Smooth1).

Follow the same basic steps for any other brushes you want to change. They should then load up every time with Dynamic mode off.

(There’s no reason why you shouldn’t re-save all the brushes this way if you wanted. But it’s a lot of work and most people probably only use a small subset of the brushes available.)

great, thanks, that’ll do! :slight_smile:
as you said it’s only a handful of brushes being affected anyway.

i wonder though if it would be worthwhile to request a feature to have a global switch? next to the lazy mouse toggle.

thanks again!

You could submit a ticket to Pixologic Support if you wanted. Mark it “Feature Request” so they know what it’s about. If enough people do that it might actually happen. :wink:

Double-Click it.

This feature drives me absolutely bonkers. Never need it, always turn it off. The fact that it is on by default is perplexing as every sculptor I talk to also turns it off. The worst though is that it is on for what seems like every brush.

Today for example I have been working with a 3d scan that has been making zbrush unstable for some reason. I had 10 crashes within an hour. That part I don’t mind as much but the fact that every time I have to reload zbrush I have to disable the dynamic setting. Other things I can make configs for but not this one.

It felt like having to start up an airplane every time I crashed. go through all of these switches till ZBrush reached the state I need it in before I could even start working.

sigh… Sorry just venting, but this feature has been driving me nuts for a while now and today threw me over the edge.

Thing is. If I want to work on a broad area, I need to zoom out to view more of the model. If I want to work on tiny details, I need to zoom in. This is something everyone does every time they sculpt something. Having to change the radius of the brush every time… and also the smooth brush, etc to work better with the zoom is counter-intuitive. I could merely change the size of the brush by zooming in and out. I get more control because of the screen space view… and I get a finer brush for free.

Dynamic makes all of that null and even though it is very useful in a few cases and perhaps a few brushes, having it be default on all brushes is really not a good solution at all. It doesn’t take into consideration how sculptors actually work. On hard surface works it could be super useful when making cut lines always be the same width, but that’s not the majority of peoples work around with zbrush, and that is the problem.

Ideally, this would be a hotkey we could turn on and off globally and not a per brush setting.

Hi Martin,
I read you well and you know what ? I have something for you that fits exactly your needs and fix your personal issue in your workflow.
I am preparing a new video to show more about the master brush settings feature.
But have a read on what i posted few days ago here :
I can send you a personal link on gumroad to get my plugin and test it with your workflow.