How could my laptop run ZBrush more smoothly?

I’m recently new to 3D and sculpting, but I love it, and I think I already have a decent base. However, I’m not too knowledgeable when it comes to computers’ specifics.
I find it hard to keep the details of the sculpt without unbearably lags that occours from time to time (occasionally it also crashes, but it’s kinda rare) Question: Is this laptop capable of running ZBrush with decent details? I don’t want to go into extremes, I just don’t want it to be blurry, way too pixelated…

Specs: 4 GB RAM and Intel HD Graphics

I know it’s not really ideal and I guess it can be only enough to practise sculpting, but not too good for going into details (such as hair). The memory can be extended up to 16GB, but would that be still an improvement even with this graphic card?

Unfortunately, I can’t buy a new computer (PC) right now, but I just don’t want to give it up on sculpting either.

Would there be a recommended setting for such specifics? (I’ve been trying ZRemesher and Decimation Master, which used to help a lot, but not anymore)

Thank you for any response!

For sure you need more RAM memory.