How can I lock a project?

I am relatively new to ZBrush. I have a bas relief I am currently working on. I want to add to it without disturbing the work I have currently done. Is there a way to lock the project layer and add a different layer on top? I want to be able to work on the new layer without it affecting my previous work at all. Can someone help?

If I am understanding the question correctly. Only the current subtool will be modified. If you do not select your current subtool then it will be fine.

Hello @Dragonfire_Designs ,

The safest thing to do would be to first simply duplicate your subtool and work on a clone of it. Save it out as its own ZTL if you don’t want to carry the geometry around in your project file, and load it back into the scene if necessary. There are a number of ways to store a morph target or history state to revert to it in the program, but simply having a backed up duplicate is the most foolproof way to fall back.

As to your question, the 3D Layers feature can be used to non-destructively sculpt detail onto the mesh, and then toggle it on/off at will.


However, this requires that the topology of the mesh be unaltered as long as there are active layers. So this would be something to be done after the form and topology of your mesh is stable and not expected to frequently change again. The best results would be achieved with a multi-resolution mesh with clean quad base topology that performs well for sculpting when subdivided.


Thank you both! Those are some great options! I will try them both

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