how can i export BPR Depth,Ambient Occlusion,and so on sequance file for timeline?

how can i export BPR Depth,mask,Ambient Occlusion,shadow,shaded,and so on sequance file for timeline?
I want to use sequanse file in aftereffects.
if i can export png sequence not psd, more helpful.

a long time ago I was taught that how to export obj sequence for timeline.
it was amazing !
this is it***8595;

//***Save this file to your ZBrush /ZStartup/Macros/Misc folder and press Macro>Reload All Macros
//ZBrush macro by marcus_civis November 2013

[IButton,???,“Export OBJ sequence for TimeLine”,
//ask for a file name
[VarSet,fileName,[FileNameAsk,“OBJ(.obj)|.obj||”,“mesh.obj”,“Save file…”]]
//add four zeros
//get the TimeLine duration
//get the frame rate
[VarSet,frameRate,[IGet,Movie:Modifiers:Recording FPS]]
//calculate the number of frames
//set frame No to zero
//loop through all frames
//calculate the time
//go to the time on the TimeLine
//esport the OBJ
//advance the file name
//increment frame No
]//end loop
]//end if
,1]//end of macro

It’s actually a bit too complicated for a macro but is relatively straightforward for a plugin.

Attached is a plugin. Unzip the file to your Desktop then copy the TimeLine-BPR-Passes.zsc file to your ZBrush 4R6\ZStartup\Zplugs folder. Restart ZBrush and you should have a new sub-palette called Timeline BPR Passes at the bottom of the Movie palette.

It should be clear what you do. You can turn off the BestPreviewRender option, in which case the plugin will simply export the document (even if the Doc option is turned off). This can be useful if you wanty to do quick tests using the basic preview render. Note with BPR, if you turn on SSS but the model has no SSS enabled then no image will be exported for that pass.

When you press the Render TimeLine button you’ll be given a Save File dialog for each of the passes you want to save. PNG format files can only be used for the document export or the shaded image, otherwise it is a choice of PSD, BMP or TIF.

TimeLine-BPR-Passes.zip (4.78 KB)TimeLine-BPR-Passes.zip (4.78 KB)

i will try this!
appreciate your help.

This is really useful. Thanks Marcus .

Hi, I just tried it in 4R8 but it only exported the DocImage render. No other passes where exported.
Is this not compatible with 4R8?
Does 4R8 have this feature to export bpr passes from a timeline animation?



Here’s a version for ZBrush 4R8.

It’s fairly obvious how to use it. If you turn off all the options then you don’t get any images exported but a ZBrush movie is recorded instead.

To install:

  1. Download and unzip to your Desktop.
  2. Open any folder created by the unzipping and locate the TimeLineExport_4R8.zsc file.
  3. Copy the TimeLineExport_4R8.zsc file to the ZBrush 4R8\ZStartup\ZPlugs64 folder.

Restart ZBrush and you should have a new sub-palette in the Movie palette called TimeLine Export.

TimeLineExport_4R8.zip (4.92 KB)

Any questions, let me know.TimeLineExport_4R8.zip (4.92 KB)


Thank you so much!

Emm, its crashing zbrush at the end of the timeline after the last keyframe.
Any clue?

You’re welcome. But no, it’s not crashing for me. What OS are you on? And which maps are you exporting?

I cant reproduce the crash. :roll_eyes:
I thought it had to do with zbrush not running full screen (that’s the default way I run zbrush)
I tried to capture the screen; it crashed the first couple of tries for me, now is not crashing anymore.

I am on windows 10, just exporting the DocImage, Depth and Shadow.

Anyway, thanks!
It is exporting the passes perfectly which is what I wanted.


OK, thanks. :slight_smile: If you find it crashing in a repeatable way, please let me know!

Draws a green frame into the render view dependent on the values of the region start XY and region end XY input fields.

Is there a version of this cool plugin available for Zbrush 2019 ?