How can I delete in ZBrushCore?

I have scanned a Buffalo Skull and imported the STL into ZBrushCore. The scan has some “icicles” that I would like to remove so they don’t mess up my print. Not sure how to do this. I was going to mask them and then hide the mask and save but I don’t think core allows that.

Thanks for any help…


You can hide them by holding Shift+Ctrl - choose SelectLasso or SelectRect in the brush palette. Shift+Ctrl+drag over the parts you want to hide. The selection area will be green - press Alt to turn it red, which will hide the selection, then release the mouse button. Now press Tool>Geometry>Modify Topology>Del Hidden. This will delete the hidden part.

Deleting geometry like this will likely result in some holes in the mesh. You can use DynaMesh to fill the holes but you’ll need to experiment with which settings work best for your model.

Thanks, I was able to do that but it left holes like you said. I went back and tried smoothing them out when worked sometimes. Other times I’m left with a very thin spire!


It seems no matter what I try I can’t smooth it out.

Any thoughts?

Thanks, Alan

Sorry for the question but I just started using this… So when I get the holes what is the best way to fill them? I searched for videos or help on filling holes with zBrushCore and came up empty…

Thanks again, Alan

p.s. This is one weird program… It’s excellent I’m sure, but the interface was created by a Martian I think.