Houdini GoZ no longer an option

Is Houdini no longer an option for GoZ? It was working beautifully with 2020, but there is no longer a path option for Houdini when doing a GoZ install with 2021. Is there a “tweak” somewhere that will allow GoZ exports to Houdini again?

Hi @bentway23
I am not an expert with houdini but here is what i found out to help you make it works again .

so first check if the next directory exists “C:\Users\Public\Pixologic\GoZApps\Houdini”, if not then run houdini.
i have an old apprentice version (18.0) but in modeling workspace in SideFxLabs there is a Start GoZ icon, it gonna open a port.
now the directory C:\Users\Public\Pixologic\GoZApps\Houdini has been created. restart ZBrush.
Click on Tool:R to reset the default Goz app and it should ask you to browse for the path of houdini.exe, do it.
And it should now work properly.

Hope it Help

Perfect! The Labs GoZ Import/Export buttons were already there, I just had to “start” it first. Works like a charm.


Glad to hear that @bentway23 :smiley:

seem Goz to Houdini has been disabled since the last post thank Maxon , your the best

Yes, I can confirm that I have also not been able to get Maxon Zbrush and Houdini communicating. It is possible to start GoZ in Houdini by going go Labs > Start GoZ and then select the Houdini path in Maxon ZBrush. However, pushing a sculpt to Houdini is not possible. Nor is there the ability to add a GoZ node in the latest Houdini. (v19.0.657).

Not sure would would take ownership of this problem (Maxon or ZBrush). Hopefully, it was a mistake, and they can sort it out.