Hotkeys not working

I am a new zBrushCore user. I received it when I purchased a Wacom tablet. I have downloaded the latest Wacom Drivers and updated to zBrushcore 2018. This is on a Macbook Pro. I had bought a beginners guide books edit references hotkeys only so I am unable to proceed being unfamiliar with menus if I can’t use mentioned hotkeys.

Sometimes hitting P will work for perspective and then stops. The spacebar also works to bring up a menu. Bu shift P does not work and hitting T seems to do nothing for me.

Is there just a setting I need to activate?

sidenote, Ive noticed since installing the wacom my dock icons haven’t been working properly and need to keep killing the dock

The hotkey ‘T’ has no relevance for ZBrushCore. I presume the book you have is for the full version of ZBrush. For the ‘P’ and ‘Shift+P’ hotkeys, the Perspective and Floor buttons are on the right side of the interface, so you can turn them on and off there. I’m not sure why those hotkeys should not work for you but you can re-assign them easily:

  1. Ctrl+Alt+click on the button you want to assign a hotkey to, then - without moving the mouse - press the hotkey you want to use.
  2. Be sure to store the changes by pressing Preferences>Hotkeys>Store.

The dock icons problem sounds like a Wacom issue.