Hello everyone,

I present my latest work as a piece of a larger project that I had in mind.
I have recorded the entire process from start to finish where i wanted to share with the community my workflow/process and how I approach creating digital animals. Starting from ground up, building the skeleton & muscles, proceeding with the skin, than textures, groom, lookdev and final render. I go back and forth between each discipline and build them up together to my final stage.

Main tool for this project was Zbrush, where i built all the important pieces: skeleton, muscles, skin sculpt and texture paint.

I will be publishing full video recorded process from start to end on some of the platforms available so stay tuned. This is not a standard step by step tutorial, tho you can watch the whole process. I am in editing mode so fingers crossed will be ready in a month time.

Thank you,

Here are few links to turntables:


WoW, love it, so powerful, so elegant, light and render… the show’s on! Brilliant work @chulev Thanks for sharing :wink:

Thank you so much @Jaime! Means a lot coming from you.


Wow awesome work :+1: little question race, Quarter Horse?

thank you Morgaine, yes tho there might be some mixes of others in there based on some references that i liked and was inspired from some features/color etc :slight_smile:

awesome :ok_hand:

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Remarkable work! Thanks so much for sharing your working process. Beautiful result. :+1:

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Extremely realistic. You’ve done a superb job with this.

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really nice job ! The skin looks really convincing !

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Thank you :pray: