Horney dragon

heres a little project I been working on for a while now.




:+1: Looks like a cross between a dragon and a gremlin.

Looks cool, but i think you got detail happy way to quick in the game. No matter how hard a surface is with dragons, they do have facial muscles. Look at dinosaurs, and lizards and etc… Pretty much my only comment is the lack of muscular structures within the face, detail is great but you focus on it to early in the game your loosing out.

Very interesting, comments above hold for sure. For Pete’s sake, don’t feed him after midnight!!! :wink:

here is the result from the projection.


and the wireframe, its just under 10k polys


on to the diffuse map




What kind of style are you going for?

The title doesn’t match the picture very well. But it is in fact looking pretty good, I agree about the lace of muscle factor in the facial areas and what not, was it all in Zbrush?

This is a Blue Dragon from Dungeons and Dragons, and not an original concept. You really ought to mention that your modeling after someone else’s artwork.