Honey bee (Apis mellifera) nervous system scientific illustration

I created these images during the ZBrush 2019 beta. I wanted to capture an old style classic science illustration effect. The filters were very helpful. After the release of 2019 I shared this on my portfolio and entomologists all over really liked it. It was share on social media over 100 times and I had a few scientific publications contact me about reprinting it. Very surprised about the positive responseric-keller-bee-nervous-system-01 eric-keller-bee-nervous-system-03 eric-keller-bee-nervous-system-04 eric-keller-bee-nervous-system-05 eric-keller-bee-nervous-system-06 eric-keller-bee-nervous-system-insta-01 eric-keller-bee-nervous-system-insta-02 https://youtu.be/5BHuWrGRjcse.

Here is a turntable of the bee:

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