Honey Bee (Apis Mellifera) model

My honey bee model created in ZBrush and rendered in Maya/Arnold. I’ve been working on this for a while, still a ways to go but I like the test renders. Pear model came from Megascans.

eric-keller-zbrush-bee-wings eric-keller-zbrush-bee-thorax-top eric-keller-zbrush-bee-thorax-side eric-keller-arnold-06-coatpost


Nice Bees! I almost quibbled with the hair on the eyes, but did some research and discovered that this is correct. Now I’m educated about the hairy eyeballs of bees as well!


You’re the master at insects (and spiders!!!) :wink: Stunning details and realism :+1:

yes I have several professional entomologists holding my feet to the fire. If you want to quibble you can critique the spacing on the lateral ocelli, that probably needs to be fixed.

yes, I notice that too:thinking:…while I’m at it there way too much space between the marginal cell and the submarginal cells :rofl:

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hey I’m only human!! :stuck_out_tongue: