homunculus (updated 26.10.2005)

hi folks,

I currently finished modeling of my humanoid-like model. It’s not perfect (I am still very weak in anatomy), but this is where I am now. Model is based on zspheres, fully sculpted and detailed in zbrush. no texturing yet. cant wait for new zbrush 2.5 posing feature.
121 always welcomed :slight_smile:


bellow is old post.
…I just want to share result from zbrush-turntable rendering. (using zbrush native movie function).
After finishing all details and txturing on in, I’ll post hi-res version.


Good morning, Vox…Had to grab my reading glasses to try to catch a bit more detail, but from what I can tell he looks pretty good.

What are your ultimate plans for the character?


sorry for picture so small, but even at this size, it has more than 300Kb.
Basically, this model should be used in a game, but i need more complex details also to be able to render it on bigger static scene.

thanx for interest

I look forward to more posts of this creation…sounds like an ultimately fun project for you.

thnx for sharing,

Haha, nice. Very nice, love the scale exaggeration. :wink: