homer's break time




hey good job! looks really cool!:+1:

Haha, that’s disgusting! Great job :+1:

haha, looking great

Hahaha this is so strange to look at the simpsons through a more realistic point of view lol
Makes me imagine this homer squeezing a equally realistic barts neck… Don’t know if it would be as funny as the originals lol

Very nicely done !!! Sure a nice piece for a portfolio !!!

Oh dear, now that is quite disturbing. I like it!:smiley:
Great job!

This both disturbs me and my inner child what have you done youve ruined the simpsons for me lol. Anyways nice job.

LOL … Disturbingly funny ! :+1:

It looks like his arm that’s holding the controller is slightly hovering over the arm rest. Overall you did a fantastic job at making him really disgusting to look at.

This seems so wrong!!! :smiley: Great job!!