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GUTALIN homage to the master, and all the friends of zbrush



This is simply amazing! One small critique … the craft in the foreground looks like an after thought. It just doesn’t seem to have the loving care that the rest of the image has. IMHO

If you fix that element it is Top Row in my opinion! :smiley:

All the best, David

i love it, 2.5D or ?

Thanks Chalkman
I intend to make a very elaborate background
and the movement of the ship very simple, to give a sense of peace
but I think I did not succeed:confused:

Thanks Luxifer, IMM 3D brushes, and about 10 or so subtools;)

Look great

thanks pkd

and Merry Christmas, … if the world ends:lol:

Very impressive design elements, I love the industrial/futuristic blend in the main structure, it has a certain “Borg STNG” element to it. The devil is in the detail…I really enjoyed looking at this image. The front face appears to have more love and attention on the detailing than the side aspect with the gantry type additions on it. I was a little unsure on the vehicle in the scene it kind of distracted me for a few seconds (was this the intent?). The cloud elements are a great addition it made me think of this being a massive structure and my mind wondered to an industrial world.

Great work, thanks for sharing.

You found your own way of implementation. Congratulations.

I just wanted to give a sense of peace with the ship
the background may be the human jungle
a hug;)

His words are a gift to me, thank you very much

I love it!

Thanks Mealea,
I’m glad you like it, (many hours), but well …

I do not know what I’m doing, but I do it anyway.
I also

You do it VERY well!


Very cool, The ship really gives it a sense of space/proportion…I like it… Deke

Here is a good vdeo to help you get started with panel loops http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vABz-MECfrI
Have Fun … :slight_smile:

Playing with ZRUSH




prova 9.jpg

prova 9.jpg