"Home Sweet Home"- Alien Prisoner

Haven’t posted in a long time. Finished a piece I’ve been picking at for the last month. ZB’d everything with Mental Ray render and PS comp work. Thanks for looking.





really cool work man!

Top row material!

looks like he got a long story to tell, great work!

superb work, really nice job!:+1:
Keep it going :slight_smile:

  • KC:)

Cool gesture in it, and i love the environment and lightning.

Too bad they locked up that poor alien. I wish he would quit smoking though,bad for his health.

Stunning, I love the quiet, dark mood. Just amazingly executed all -around!

The details in this are amazing! Even the chains, the welding points on them and the noisy metal… the cobwebs… excellent! The light from the cigarette seems a little strong though, other than that, amazing image.

great image, like the composition too :+1: the shadows maybe are too sharpen, look like a skin pattern.

Great model and render!
The lighting is very well done, and I love the idea of the technologic chain and ball!
Only critic, I would have gave him some clothes, it’s hard to be imprisoned completely naked :smiley:

Can you share some details about rendering and compositing?

Thank you all for the compliments!

I sculpted everything in this piece in ZB with the exception of the ball and bedframe which were hard surfaced in Maya. They did however have normal tilers baked out from ZB sculpts. I rendered out the different passes
in Maya Mental Ray and Comped them in Photoshop. I’m not very good at rendering as I’ve never gotten into it very heavy so I relied more on my post work. Then it was just a matter of experimenting with the passes
and layer styles to get a good base to start adjusting. After that, it’s just a lot of good 'ol painting and photo overlays to get the look I wanted.






great work character and scene !!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Great character and scene! :+1:

Beautiful on every count! This should already be on the top row in my opinion.

You are wright - nice storytelling from your side, dmckim!

This character is too good and it you made it really awesome.