Home Run

A couple of weeks ago I came across this awesome sketch on Twitter by Raichiyo and just knew I had to model it. My main priority was to challenge myself with a dynamic pose, and this certainly was a challenge! Hope I pulled it off. Enjoy!

Sculpted in Zbrush, rendered with Arnold.



Great pose–lots of energy. Nice work! :+1:

she’s definitely going to win the home run contest :slight_smile: (*flying sandbag in the back)

Great piece @Daneder that curve handle and pose give your piece an excellent dynamic flow. Awesome detail :wink: Did you pose then sculpt?

Thanks for the kind words @Jaime! Yes, I started with a pose and worked asymmetrically on this one.

Here’s an animated turnaround of the final version of the character. Taken straight from ZBrush viewport using a custom cel-shaded material with posterization techniques (not rendered):

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Great pose on this! Looks like it could be a game character

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Very cool sculpt and dynamic pose! Shout to Raichiyo too!

great. I like her

Nicely done. Love the pose. Brings her to life.

Smash that !
and the whole story : :comet: :fire::houses::fire: :fire_engine: :woman_firefighter: :man_health_worker: :hospital::policeman::chains:

Great work @Daneder !

Thanks for the kind words, guys. Much appreciated!

Love it :heart_eyes:! Great Work! :+1: :+1: :+1: