Hilda the Series Fanart

Fanart of Luke Pearson’s Hilda. Huge fan of the stories and cartoon.

This personal piece started with a quick pencil sketch and then quickly expanded. Rough and final sculpt was done in Zbrush. Retopo/basemesh, rig, morph targets, hair, etc. was done in 3dsMax (using native tools). Original hair setup was created with Zbrush’s Fibermesh and brought over to 3dsMax, but later was recreated with 3dsMax’s Hair&Fur (shave&haircut). I created a few tileable displacement/alphas for the clothing. This piece was setup and rendered with VRay Next. The new hair material is a HUGE improvement! Some minor post work was done to closer match the awesome color palette used in the Hilda Series.

I learned a number of lessons when working with UDIMs, asset setup and Zbrush’s HD Geometry. Looking forward to improving my workflow on the next piece!

Also, I have a Blog on my Artstation account displaying WIPs for any who are interested. https://www.artstation.com/nearl/blog

Here is the Woodman character. He was sculpted and textured in zbrush. I setup a few different poly paints to control the moss and lichens I generated with iToo Forest Pack. Primary 3d software was 3dsMax. Rendered with VRay.

More fan art from the Hilda series. This is a Woff… A.K.A. floating dog ball.

The sculpt, textures and hair distribution maps were created in Zbrush. The fur is a quick V-Ray Fur setup. Rendered with V-Ray Next.


I made some minor color adjustments on Hilda and relight her.


I also decided to setup a quick Woodman & Weather Spirit scene. I created a quick sculpt of the Weather Spirit, decimated him and threw him into 3dsMax. I tinkered with V-Ray GPU fog but ended up throwing a Scatter Volume material on the cloud and rendered with CPU because I would have had to spend time converting Woodman’s materials to be compatible with GPU.

Woodman_WeatherSpirit-B !

Woodman_WeatherSpirit-A !

Currently working on Twig, I started with a concept sculpt, then retopo, cleanup and uvs. Recently started the final sculpt and texturing.

Twig00 Twig01