High Poly Model to Low Poly

hi ,

Challenge : To convert very detailed high poly model developed in Z brush with 1.32 Million points .

1 .This model is not imported into Maya becuase maya can not afford that big model. 2 . There is no Lower Sub division available for this model 3 . Reconstruct subdivision does nothing/ has no effect on model

Now how can you convert this model into low res model to get its workig in Maya

can you post the model?

or watch
might help you out;)

Few things to try also

  1. Enable UVS somtimes they disable
  2. Clear masks
  3. Zbrush 3 primitives are evil. (watch video for details)

One other potential solution if you’ve got Zbrush2 is to take the model
in there and try to reconstruct. I had a model that Z3 didn’t want to
reconstruct, but Z2 did.

good luck!


Re-topologize it with ZB’s Retopo tools.

See this thread:

hi ,

I am uploading .Ztl file of model .
download it from :

Hi guys,

Here is a tutorial I made a while ago which covers the whole aspect of this.

Check it out here:


If you get stuck just let me know,



Hi, what are you going to use your model for?
If it is static Mesh, i reccomend to use Zremesher as khovasapian showed.
Howewer in some kind of topology the resalt is not good enough, especially if you gonna to animate your model. Thay, maybe you should do retopology manually.

Finally a tutorial that takes you from point A —point Z. This is been so beneficial.(especially with Quixel and Maya / ZBrush and ending in Unity.) Thank you so much for putting this together. Beyond Perfect. Love it and Please keep more coming. Thank you.

I like cannedmushrooms 's work!