Hi there!

Hi Community.

First let me introduce myself.
My Name is David, I am 25 years old and i am from Germany.
I went to the army and i worked in the Philippines for almost 2 years, establishing “low-tech” waste-water-treatment systems in cooperation with a philippine university and a german company.
About a half year ago I enrolled for a “3D Game Art and Animation” course at the SAE Institut in Germany.
I know many people dont really accept the SAE for a reall college in teaching 3D, and some might even laugh at it.
But i was givin an opportunity and I took it!
Befor i began studying, i dindt have much experience with 3D modelling, sculpting, rigging, animating and what not, but since the day I get teached all those things, I can hardly imagine doing something else ever again.
Even in my time off I still do nothing but modelling, reading about anatomy, sculpting, rigging, animating…
Sure, this is only for about 6 month now and I know, I pretty much dont know sh*t, but i keep on learning, day after day.

Last Week we got introduced to Zbrush at SAE and since they got themselfs some awesome cintiq`s i had to give it a try right away!

I know this might not seem like much, but since i acquired myselfe not even a tiny bit of drawing skills over the past 25 years, I was kinda proud i came up with that kind of sculptures, considering we/I just got introduced to ZBrush, aswell as the lack of drawing skills.

Now. Even though i saw many sculptures already, here at ZBC, i still want to share my first and my second EVER sculptet figure with you guys.

I allways appreciate constructive suggestions and criticism, so thank you for your attention.
Anyway, after all I have seen here on ZBC i am happy with any kind of feedback :+1: :wink:


Daily Sculpt 2_2.JPG

Daily Sculpt 2_3.JPG

Daily Sculpt 2_4.JPG

Daily Sculpt 3.JPG

Daily Sculpt 3_2.JPG

Daily Sculpt 3_4.JPG

Hello David. You did first step. Keep going!
“Glory in the hands of the labor” Leonardo Da Vinci said.

P.S. I’m learning too.

Nice first post. Your heads havepersonality. Keep it up.
i would soften the shadows a bit and work on the lighting…