Hi, Help fibre mesh tool causing patchyness in fibres

Hi, I’m practising with the fibre mesh tool in ZBrush, the whole object is masked out but no matter how much i increase the fibre amount there are still patchy areas like in the centre, does anyone know what could be causing it and how to fix it? thanks!

Could it just be the angle you are looking at the hairs at? So if you are looking more tip on, then they won’t cover/block as much of the object they are on top of. So if the hairs are pointing out away from the normal of the surfave, and you look at them dead on, you will see a small point for the tip, but not the main strand of the hair.
If you rotate around the object does the area that looks “patchy” there now look more filled out?

I think you might be right I’m still new to playing around with fibre mesh, I’ve increased the scale root to 10, reduces the fibres by area to 0 and increased the fibre amount to 3 times as many as i have now which seems to have fixed the problem then again maybe those are settings i shouldn’t have changed, thank your for your help!