Heydar Aliyev, CG / 3D portrait (Heydər Əliyev)

CG / 3D portrait of President of Azerbaijan (1993-2003) Heydar Aliyev, by Oleg Koreyba.
I tried to make Him look like the original, alive and in good spirits. Hope you enjoy it.
I did it using Maya for based mesh, Mentalray for rendering, Zbrush for sculpting, and DeepPaint, Photoshop for textures. Hairs created by Ilya Rafienkov he used Maya with Hair-Shave plugin.
Portrait created on request 4DStudioR, for full color hologram printing in Rabbitholes and for present to the Government of Azerbaijan. More info about fullcolor holography and about CG / 3D Portraits you’ll find at: http://cg3dportrait.com








Superb work Oleg! this deserve top row, you should post the other shots that you have in your webpage. :wink:

i consider this as the most impressive 3D portrait i have ever seen so far

That is just amazing.
I dont know what else to say…

Excellent work! Very realistic! :+1:

When I see stuff like this, I wanna quit sculpting ( because it’s great, ofcourse :slight_smile: ), but on the other hand I wanna sculpt more to become good myself. Very impressive work.

Frightening realistic!

Yep, one of the best:+1:

Super cool…

really well done.

Super Impressive! Top row quality!

Amazing…love the render !


Amazing. The skin shader is really, really well done!

Holly molly, outstanding :slight_smile:

few more renders

6314560545_6a3d17766f_z.jpg 6315077932_98408fce87_z.jpg 6314561241_cd2bfaa737_z.jpg
6315078606_3cb844255c_z.jpg 6314562231_a132bfb95d_z.jpg 6315079512_e56b638bee_z.jpg



Incredible work! :+1:

Epic indeed. Great work. Great sculpting!
A portrait. :+1:
BTW What a great use of SSS !

This ia really great work… see you on the top row soon…

Wonderful work !