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Hi everyone!
I’ve been lurking around for a while but was too intimidated to post anything simply because the artwork around here is just so good.
However, anything gets a start place somewhere.
So I decided to share a little bit personal work to begin with. Hope you like it and C&C is of course most welcome.
(phew, that wasn’t too hard :P)

OK. so this is a fan-art model I did based on a character from the awesome manga Berserk.
using the fiber mesh for the first time, and it’s definitely a lot of fun.

and this one is a model I did based on designer Nivanh Chanthara’s robot concept(check out his art work if you haven’t, he is awesome:D)

that’s it for today.







actually these are really nice… keep it up

Give us moar!


a recent model for a personal project. Was trying to catch the likeness.
a small rendered video clip is


or address at

a model based on the work of talented comic artists Matteo Scalera and Rick Remender

a turn table clip:


very cool! i just picked up black science the other day just based on the art. you did a great job bringing it to 3d

btw the video isn’t working for me :frowning:

thanks, spitty!
Vimeo seems having some problem at the moment, none of any video plays on their site.
Hope they fix it soon.

Awesome pirate! by the way.

Your sculpts look great!

very cool

Looks great, could you please tell me what did you use to have it rendered?
tia, G.

Great job!

thank you, guys!

could you please tell me what did you use to have it rendered?
tia, G.

giebe, the latest 2 were Maya and Arnold, the robot was Keyshot, and the beast man was BPR :slight_smile: