Hexagon to Zbrush to Carrara Tutorial. (Maps)

Hello everyone.

Iv made a free Video tutorial for anyone that is interested in the workflow between Hexagon, Zbrush and Carrara.

The workflow covered is for exporting a base mesh into Zbrush, doing a basic sculpt, and doing some Photo projection for the human head. It also shows hand painting and producing the texture map plus finnal displacment map.

The video finnishes in Carrara when I show how to apply the texture map and displacment for your finnal render.

This is a faily short video lasting 45min, which covers what would normaly take many hours of work. This video is intended as a general overview on the basic tools needed to get the results shown in the picture below.

Links to the video are to follow.

Link to Rar 01. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GXQQEFMW
Link to Rar 02 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=J13CI8ZB

Iv uploaded this to Veoh for video streaming.


This is the quick way but this has no chapters as in the download version Also it must be noted that Veoh only plays the first 5 min, your have to download or watch via the free Veoh player to see the full version.


Hexagon? Is it still alive? Which version do u use? I had a license of v1 when it was from eovia…
THX for the tutorial

Yes Hexagon is very much alive and it in its 2.5v. Fast modler, much better since v1.

I downloaded part II - but it gives me an error when unpacking?? Am I doing something wrong?

Helle :slight_smile:

Both Rar files must be together. You only need to unpack part 1, part two is used automaticly.

If you have tryed to unpack part 1 with part 2 present, and a error is happining during part 2 extraction, then you may need to download part 2 again.

ahhh, okay, that must be why… silly me
I had no error messages when unpacking part I - so i guess everything is okay

Hey tez,

Thanks for this man! Been looking for something like this. I also use Hex & Carrara with ZB. Always nice to know there are others out there using the same tools.

Off to the download site :smiley:


Iv made quite a few Tutorials for Hexagon on the more advanced level of poygon modeling. Iv Just recorded two sessions on how to make a head with good topology and building the human ear. These need editing, but will post these in the Daz3d forum soon.

Glad you liked it, thaks all for your comments.

look forward to it. Very nice and easy understanding the tutorial I downloaded - thanks

Helle :slight_smile:
trying to save up money for ZB