Henrique Naspolini's Sketchbook

Hello there! My name is Henrique Naspolini (as you read in the title already :p)
and Im a 3d artist from Brazil. I been working on few model this year and now
Im here to share some of my stuffs. Most of them are characters to mods,
that I hope will be released some day :roll_eyes:.
Comments will be welcome ;).

<b>Goblin - Lightspire: Fortune's Web character</b> <!--[attach=151141]goblin1.jpg[/attach]--> Melee Armor <!--[attach=151142]goblin2.jpg[/attach]--> Ranged Amor <!--[attach=151143]goblin3.jpg[/attach]--> <b> Trex - "Project DINO"</b> </span><!--[attach=151147]trex1.jpg[/attach]--> <!--[attach=151145]trex2.jpg[/attach]--> <!--[attach=151146]trex3.jpg[/attach]-->

I will add some more later.
CYA fellows!

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Wow, amazing sculpts. Love the goblin:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

nice work henrique. Also nice presentation on the trex model.

Very cool work!! Keep rocking!
Best regards, Selwy

Good Work Henrique
The goblin’s armor is insane (Especially the helmet of Melee Armor)
I love the details :slight_smile:

Really cool design on Melee Armor especial helmet keep it up.

congrats man, your work looks great!

Veru cool stuff!!

Love your work. the goblin sculpt is sharp and well defined. I often end up making lumpy stuff, but your model is taut and tightly shaped. The t rex s awesome. I just have one crit. if you reduced the size of the head by say 30%, the proportions would become more balanced. the sharp detail ont eh Rex is mind blowing. keep em coming.

hey henrique!

great to finally see you around here.
ashton told me you’d soon show your face. heheheh
love these, especially the dino.

i’ll keep an eye here.


So you finally posted! great job man!

The goblins are really good…Well done matey look forward too seeing more of your works.

ta foda, cara. bom mesmo!

Hello people!

Dman3d: thanks bro!

nerveink: hey man, how you doing? thanks for your comment! nice work on that “ogre head”. keep it up!

selwy: thanks man, love your work!

Deryck: =) … thanks

EvgenyM: hey, thanks! actually the concept isnt mine, but of course I added my style to it. I need to find his name and update it.

Drummer: whats up Marco!? Thanks for the words!

nellement: :wink:

moonlitmaverick: Thanks for the crit. Im not a dino expert ya know :stuck_out_tongue: …so I tried to reach the several refenrences that I got for it. Thank anyway!

rasmusW: hey, thanks man.

monkeymuscle: Yoooo. yeah, finally! ehehehe. Special thanks dude.

DELTATHUND3R: glad to know it. More work soon

M_F_G: opa, blz? valeu pelo “comment” :slight_smile:

I will upload some more stuffs soon, old and new ones.

Hello folks! Here is my newest model, an archeologist, done for a game project. High-res and Game model. I hope you like it! C&C are welcome.
CYA people :wink:

High Res Model

Game Model

Game Model Wires

i like it,nice subtle details,may be nose silhoutte need some work but rest is nice.:+1:

Cool works! I like the t-rex sculpt:+1:

super clean modeling :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1: great texturing also!!

Excellent work. I’m surprised to see her shirt and vest are separate geometry. I thought that clothing for game characters was built on to the character as a single mesh to save geometry and also to make rigging easier.

Hi Henrique!
Good job on the last one! Really like it!