Hi, here is my last sculpt, i enjoyed it a lot, so want to share it. There is a video how i use zbrush for first sketch. Here is Link :

Feel free to ask me if you are interest in something.




incredible sculpt!!! man you’ve got skills;)
such a clean sculpt…your brush strokes are fantastic!

just an amazing piece. thank you for sharing the video as well. Can you share more of the process.

Wow, this is great! Excellent anatomy, and I love the different materials as well. Not to mention the mystery of the whole scene, it’s got a great SF feel. In fact, now I’m wondering whether you have other work on here, except I can’t find it now because of the site ‘redesign’… :frowning:

Awesome work in any case. And thanks for the video!

Hey Nagulov

If you click on his name you will get the User Gallery which will show you all of his work posted on ZBC.

nagulov … thanks, no, is firs post of my work here. But if you interest… here i have few thinks … http://svjeeta.deviantart.com/
btw, u have very nice sculpts in your portfolio, all the best!

hey, thanks for the tip - I thought as much, but I couldn’t be sure, not too happy with the changes yet.

Thanks for the compliment! I took a look at your other work just now, awesome stuff. The Prehistoric Hunter is another great sculpt, I love the tension in the muscles. You do great hands and feet. And the paintings have a lot of atmosphere. I envy people who can both paint and sculpt! :smiley:

Excellent sculpt, very unusual work and viewpoint! :wink:

All the best, David

such an awesome piece!! Would love to see how you got the final look of the the rock formation! was it noisemaker with an alpha image? or just sculpting?

Amazing work. Love it.

Great piece! Very unique style!

Why am I finding this ‘funny’. Great work btw.

brilliant! just brilliant!

this sculpt is only heightened by the method which you demonstrate in the video
amazed and inspired

looks great, only crit would be that you might consider a different reflection map for the helmet- kind of kills the immersion when you look at his helmet and it’s clearly reflecting a paved country road that is obviously on earth :slight_smile:

amazing! good idea and sculpting.

wow man, incredible sketch workflow for a piece like this… Awesome, and congrats on the TR!

great job

Wow awesome! Great Work!

i really love the concept and the style, especially on those sharp brush palette! (muscles and rock). its a long shot, but will you be sharing your brushes? :smiley: