Help with Tree and Root modelling

Can anyone help me with modelling trees/roots - so far i’ve tried zspheres but the results weren’t good.

Here are some references for the kind of roots and tree I want to model:

Any advice/tutorials would be appreciated, thanks.

Hi Troy
Welcome aboard!
It’s possible :slight_smile:
See that :slight_smile:
How do ? try to use the digit Zifworm
It’s transform a drawing by hand in a chain of Zspheres!
Digits Zifworm !
Have good learning!
Ps And keep you photos for make textures with it ! Better big better is :slight_smile:
Of course the Corbis name is not very beautiful :smiley:
But with some trick copy/past that will work :slight_smile:
Maybe you have an another technic :slight_smile:
Just import your photo of trunk detoured
Alpha make 3D
Reapply the photo as a texture or repaint with Texture Master using photo as brush :slight_smile:
That’s all :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome Pilou, i’ll try Zifworm . The images were just as examples. for the textures I will take some high res photos of my own. Thanks alot for the suggestions!

I have another question…

I want to export the roots model as an obj, so I can then take it into Maya and build a full tree. Is it possible to create multiple strokes with zifworm that create one object? - all the roots together, so I don’t have to export each seperate root. Or is there another way of doing it? and making a seamless mass of roots…


I presume no problem for that
He the process
Make one racine : mark it (= a markers)
And so one
At the End recall all by the Multi markers
Move all roots as you want for the final render
Make a Polimesh (you have now just one object)
Texturize it
You can export an Obj :slight_smile:
Hope this help!
Another solution
Of course you can export one root by one if you want :slight_smile:

I don’t quite understand-

I’ve made one root by drawing a simple brush line, then using ZifWorm to turn it into a zsphere mesh. I don’t understand how I ‘mark it’, and ‘recall all by the Multi markers’. Please could you explain.

Isn’t there just a way to make the zspheres in each stroke attach to another stroke? or something like that…

thanks alot!

Zspheres are definately the way to go when creating roots of trees… Especially buttress type roots… It can be done other ways, but I found using zspheres is the quickest and easiest way… I did this below as an example starting with one main zsphere and drawing about 8 off the main and simply pulling the “roots” out and adding the bends etc… Maybe this will help get you started with it.

Thanks very much Nocturnal451
The best way is to see “how to”¡¡¡

Hi Troy
Take a look at the tut inside the prog “Multi markers” :slight_smile:
It’s just the process for make one object with many other Multi-markers --> Polymeshes :!
Like “merge” or “and” in boolean fuction !)
ps But not possible with the Demo !

Yes Noctu, it’s the easy way :cool:
The other can also be these one (for Wenna) for roots in madness sens :smiley:

Thanks alot for the help! - This is the most helpful forum i’ve come across.

I appreciate the example nocturnal, it’s nice to see the ‘how to’, as andreseloy said.

and thanks Pilou,i’ll check that out.