Help whats wrong

I have been learning zbrush core mini and have just moved over to core. Im having problems with smooth lines when using standard brush and brushes like chisel creatures.
Everything is like its pixelated, please see pics below. Pic 1 is nice and clean from core mini but pic 2 is horrible from core. I just dont know whats causing it.

can any one can help please. I posted earlier about using the chisel creature brushes too.




Good morning Phil,

For most sculpting brushes to word there neds to be enough polygons/points making up the surface, that the sculpting brushes can then move/sculpt. It looks as though your sphere in ZBrush Core is maybe low polygon density, so there are a few ways to help this. You can divide the model, once or even multiple times. You can turn on Sculptris Pro mode, which just adds new detail geometry as needed. You can use Dynamesh to create the general shape of your object, and then subdivide it when you want to work on higher detail.
There are some good tutorials on the ZClassroom, such as…

And on Youtube…

SBMongoose: Thank you very much, both problems solved by enabling sculptriss Pro.
I will also have a look at Dynamesh too.

Thanks Again