Help Request - UV Master

Hey all,

I’m looking for a little bit of help because I’m currently stuck.

I have a tool here, with about 8 subtools, polypainted, with subdivision ready for normal export, etc. I need to UV map all of these subtools into a single map, but I’m having real problems figuring out how.

I’ve seen the merge all > UV Master > Append > Project all way of doing thigns but this is not working for me me very well (The project is very messy).

I know I could also export all of my maps and tools, and then resize/merge them in a 2d app and then move the objects UV’s in max, but this would be tedious and difficult as I’m using 5 maps in total.

I tried exporting each tool with its UV mapping, and using max to put the tool together and maps into 1, then exporting > Importing the new objects in zbrush, this worked as far as mapping coordinates are concerned, but the exported map was very strange (The parts were in the right place, but the texture within was abnormal).

Help appreciated to find an easier way to do this.