Help me with layer problem

Help me please with my problem … I just accidently (idk how) create new model of the demo star on same layer with my model and now I can´t editing/moving my model just that star which I add there. I saw a lot of solvings but every solve was about deleting the bad layer. Also I can see the proportion of my model when I am going with mouse across it. Like its not just picture but I can see the red circle around mouse leaning according to the model. I didnt save it earlier so this is all what I have so please help me xd…

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PS: As you can see I cant see more models in Subtool on the right side (V1 - V8).

Hello @SellyCzc

Looks like you inadvertently dropped your model to the 2.5D canvas when you selected the Polymesh 3D star. Your model should still be in the Tool palette. Turn “Edit” off and agree to switch to 2.5D on the popup. Then you can use Ctrl+N to clear the canvas then select your model from the Tool palette and draw it on the canvas. Turn “Edit” back on.

Thanks for trying for help me but this solution unluckily doesnt work. I can switch to 2.5D mode then press CTRL+N but then l cant drop there new model bcs I didnt saved it yet so this will just delete my model. Is there some option too save my model too the tool now ?

ZBrush asks you if you want to save the Project before you close it. If you did save it, then the project should be in the ZProjects folder. You can also check “QuickSave” in Lightbox. You might be able to retrieve it from there. If it’s not in QuickSave or ZProjects then you probably lost the mesh. It’s also good practise to save the Tool every so often.

Did you figure it out? I was wondering in case I do the same thing.