Help! how do I merge two subtools with high detail

Good morning/good evening everyone. I’m modeling a False Hydra miniature, I’m having trouble merging several subtools.

I would like to join the heads with the body to make everything more homogeneous.

My process is to merge all the subtools and make a dynamesh but when I do this I lose details. How do I merge the geometry of the body and heads without losing details?

do you have any advice?

I would be very grateful, thank you

Hi @Sky1

Live Boolean will do a much cleaner job than DynaMesh without loss of detail.

Hi @Sky1 ,

ZBer2 is correct. Live Boolean will do a better job with this. This mesh has a level of complexity and detail that is beyond the intended use of the Dynamesh feature.

It depends on your output goals, but when creating a new mesh that will require the detail of multiple previous meshes, simply fusing the meshes may only be part of the process.

Live Boolean will create an accurate mesh from the two previous meshes, and it will only change topology as necessary where the meshes intersect. If this is all you’re after and topology is not a concern, then you’re good to go.

If you intend to work with this mesh further for the purpose of sculpting or textures, the Live Boolean process will not produce good topology for this. In that case you may wish to use ZRemesher or otherwise retopologize the model to produce unbroken, clean quad topology.

However, any time you remove points from a mesh surface you will also loose form and detail. Detail projection is the answer for this. Once you have a new mesh with roughly the same form as the original mesh, subdivide it as necessary for the level of detail and project the detail from the original mesh onto the new using one of the various methods.