help for make this slider scipt

hi . i want to make a scrpts with slier that move not the object i want to move the “camera” for example in the slier move to 45 and the camera move to this thanks all

ZBrush doesn’t have a camera as such. The camera view is simulated by moving the model in the viewport. In zscript, you can change the view of the model by using the TransformSet and TransformGet commands. You can read about them here:

thanks i know zbrush no camera but i want to make this script with slider to “simulate camera” my idea is move the slider and the slider move . example move the slider x to 35 and object put in this angle and the same with “y, z”. THANKS :smiley:

Well all the information you need to get started with zscripting is in the online docs:

thanks i see th document but i dont know how to make this slider im newi in scrpt.

Yes, you will need to read the documentation to learn how to use zscript.