Heloisa and Theo - 3D print

Heloisa & Theo (3D print)

This is a personal project I made based on my beautiful partner Heloisa and our kitten (Theo).
We recently adopted him, he is only 5 months old, he served as an inspiration for me to explore something from everyday life in my art and escape a little from the things I usually do.
I made the concept (a small doodle) and then sculpted it in 3D (ZBrush), after that I decided to go ahead and print it in 3D, the impression was made in resin, in a Mono X 4K (maximum resolution).
Then I did the painting, I used paints suitable for miniatures (Valejjo for airbrush). Initially I tried to paint by hand with brushes, but the texture did not please me very much. Airbrush gives me a more satisfactory result, colors and uniform surface.
Finally I took some photos with my professional Canon camera.



It’s all delicious.
Such a charming post :+1:

This is great! Thank you for sharing this. You really inspire me!

Outstanding, I missed this post of yours Gabriel :wink: Love the print too!