Hello World! First Post - Space Suit

Posting this to get make myself a bit more accountable. 1st post status.


Welcome! I will help hold you accountable with working on the suit :smiley: Excited to check back in and see your progress.

Thanks Buddy! Appreciate the Response!

Alright… I’m back… And ready for that update :smiley:

I have been bouncing back and forth between ZBrush and Blender. Here are a few of turn around shots rendered in Blender.Sci-fi-Alien-Space-Suit-Blender-Zbrush-Lindahl-Side.pngSci-fi-Alien-Space-Suit-Blender-Zbrush-Lindahl-front.pngSci-fi-Alien-Space-Suit-Blender-Zbrush-Lindahl-Back.png