Hello, fellow ZeeBees

My first post and my first forays into ZBrush…

I could wax lyrical about it, about how it’s the closest thing to pure artistic freedom I’ve experienced in a long, long time; about how I feel like a kid in my first comic book store again… but (my) words don’t really cut it, which is why I became an artist after all :slight_smile:

I only bought it for the 3D sculpting, but what has come as a complete surprise - and utter joy - is the 2.5d sculpting! It’s a kind of organised coalescence of chaos that I’ve only ever experienced playing music

I’ve only been messing so far… more than a little frightened to see what happens if I actually plan a piece<img src="http://www.zbrushcentral.com/upload/atn.gif">

<img src=“http://www.zbrushcentral.com/upload/atn.gif”>

<img src=“http://www.zbrushcentral.com/upload/atn.gif”>

So much to learn… CAN’T WAIT!!! :slight_smile:

Really would help if I read the instructions, wouldn’t it :slight_smile:

[attach=151547]ZBrush Document 2.jpg[/attach]


ZBrush Document 2.jpg

And the first thing I did, working a demo head to find out what does what.
God bless you Pixologic, you should have your own country; Pixologia, and we could all be Pixologians, fine upstanding, intelligent and very sexy individuals…

… he rambles, he shuts up! :slight_smile:




Stupid newbie; first I insert instead of uplink, now I read the bit about posting images in firefox… starting to feel a little lonely here with the zbrushed tumbleweeds, zbrushed gekko sat on a zbrushed rock blinking at my irregular smoothing group’d self :slight_smile:

Oh well, tried posting these yesterday (or so I thought) because the 2.5d side of zbrush has been such a revelation to me… may post my first 3d bits again too if i figure this out
so here goes, with curly brackets this time, and without cutting and pasting java script… more complicated than learning zbrush :o

‘nGenes’ (my engineered little playmates!)

‘Lightward’ (releasing nGenes into the wild…)

Loving ZBrush, just starting my first zsphere’d build!
Can’t wait to try paintstop (yes, like pitstop, i get it)
Not enough hours in the day… if I can just zbrush that disapproving look off my wife’s face :smiley:




[Don’t have enough ram to go up to a higher poly count, unfortunately, but loved building this little fellow up out of zpheres.
A fantastically intuitive process once you learn tom keep your mesh clean - god bless that ‘a’ button!

Found I have far more stretching around the large zpheres of the chest and thighs than the smaller extremities (obviously). Wondering if retop’ing will sort out the distribution, so that I can sculpt on those large areas without having to waste even more polies on the smaller already detailed areas… guess I’ll find out when I finish learning the basics…

All I can say is
Zspheres = Genius
loved the process, will learn and will hopefully get better




Couldn’t resist another 2.5d sculpt after I accidentally made a weird shape when deforming my zspheres sculpt … i think i might be addicted.

‘There is no I in Gene’
[[attach=151743]There’s No I in Gene.jpg[/attach]](javascript:zb_insimg(‘151743’,‘There’s No I in Gene.jpg’,1,0))


There's No I in Gene.jpg

Hi Herman, looks like you got bitten by the Z-Bug too… . The 2.5d tests are looking great! You should definitely take those images into PaintStop and experiment with an overpaint! :+1: ! Looking forward to your next :+1: !