Hello + Bust

Hello, my name is Herman Guardia, 28 years old, Graphic Designer, from Chile L.A.

And now i’m a unemployed3dwannabemodeler so i made some sculpt in zbrush and other things in 3dmax just for wasted time and loosing hope for one day find a job doing this for living.

well, i made this bust some weeks ago and made a litle rework yesterday and today. i hope u like it.


I will do some more models to show here but some time later. For now still looking for job.

and LONG LIVE TO ZBRUSH! it works for unemployed people to!





Real nice! Very promising. Small crit/advice however come out of symetry before you start adding detail otherwise it is very difficult to get rid the symetrical look. It will give your work a much more organic natural feel!

very nice work Herman, loving the attention to detail :slight_smile:

Hey there!

leighBamforth: Thanx man, you’re right about the symmetry, maybe now i do the details in diferent layers. only bad thing is the layers only work in one level. but is a idea to don’t messup the base form.

deep_set: Thank you man, i’m glad that you like it.

right now i did this other, i’m in the base form stage for now. and with the same base mesh… i’m so lazy :o